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Lee   Padmore   has   updated   the   Cheshire   archer   score   submission form     to   make   it   easier.   to   submit   forms.   Please   read   the   text below and then click on the FILL OUT FORM at the end. :
Page Updated: 16th July 2022
Cheshire Squad Selection. The    form    is    to    provide    Cheshire    Selectors    and    Coaches    with information   on   how   you   are   progressing   throughout   the   season   and will   be   used   to   assist   team   selection   and   provide   support   to   you   as   a Cheshire Archer. Selection    Scores    should    be    from    External    Tournaments    and    a Minimum   of   12   dz   Round   shot   at   your   Maximum   Distance   appropriate for your Age and Bow Style. You   can   add   720   scores   shot   at   External   Tournaments   in   support   of your   submission,   720   Scores   for   Seniors   will   be   collated   and   Ranking tables   created   for   bow   type   etc,   numbers   permitting   and   shared   via email. If   you   don't   wish   to   be   include   in   this   but   still   wish   to   provide   Selection scores   -   please   do   so   the   selection   scores   do   not   make   up   any   part   of the rankings and will only be share with selectors and coaches. Please   Tick   the   box   in   the   submission   Form   Below   if   you   are   happy   to be a part of this. I   have   provide   a   section   so   you   can   provide   scores   shot   at   your   club, these   must   be   shot   as   per   AGB   Rules   of   shooting   and   be   shot   at   the Distance   appropriate   for   your   Age   and   or   Bow   Style.       This   is   for archers who are looking to progress to the squad. This    Information    will    only    be    shared    with    the    Cheshire    County Selectors   and   Coaches,   and   will   be   delete   once   the   information   is   no longer required.
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