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19 County Records confirmed to report that have submitted since May 2021 Fern Hinchcliffe Goldcrest Archers Compound Single metric Clout 110m (L U18,G U16) 154 03.05.21 Double metric Clout 110m (L U18,G U16) 285 03.05.21 Patience Wood Bebington Archers Compound WA50m 660 26.06.21 Distance Round 50m(first 3doz arrows of WA50m) 320 26.06.21 Bristol 3 1284 03.07.21 Double WA50m Compound 1272 04.07.21 Jessica Pollitt Neston Company of Archers Compound Double Metric Clout 110m (L U18,G U16) 344 31.05.21 Emma Mooney Goldcrest Archers Compound Double One Way 165m clout 285 31.05.21 WA Single One Way clout 139 31.05.21 Daeron Meredith Bowmen of Bruntwood Compound National 644 27.06.21 Elaine Farley Goldcrest Archers Compound Double One Way 165m clout 288 10.07.21 Single One Way 153 10.07.21 Steve Kelley Goldcrest Archers Recurve Single 24 Target Fita Mixed Red Peg Field 248 22.06.19 Double 24 Target Fita Mixed Red Peg Field 480 22.06.19 Rhys Morrillo Goldcrest Archers Recurve Single metric Clout 165m Junior Gent 163 31.05.21 Double Metric Clout 165m Junior Gent 326 31.05.21 Jacci Alexander Cheshire County Bowmen Recurve WA 70m 542 04.7.21 Katrina Horton The Longbow Club Longbow WA70m 219 03.10.20 National 342 20.06.21