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2023/2024 Cheshire Winter Leagues

03-Oct-2023 - Latest on Club/Team Registration

Teams registered so far from


Aldererley Archers


Alsager Company of Archers


Bowmen of Bruntwood


Cheshire County Bowmen


Goldcrest Archers


Greenbank Company of Archers


New Century Bowmen


Neston Company of Archers


North Cheshire Bowmen


Wirral Archers

Now have 10 Club registered with a total 52 teams. Check out ‘Teams Registered so far’ page.

18-Sep-2023 - Team Register page NOW open for 2023/2024 Cheshire Winter Leagues

Cheshire Clubs ! Please register your teams as soon as possible please.

Main points of the 2023/2024 Leagues are………

Registration page now open for Cheshire Clubs to register their teams for the 2023/2024 Cheshire Winter Leagues which begin with the

1st Round of matches in November 2023.

Closing date for Initial Team Registration is Saturday 7th October 2023.

Confirmation of Teams registered will be sent to the each Club’s League Secretary shortly after the closing date (7th October).

Cost per team is £5.

Payment for Team Entries to be with the CAA Treasurer by no later than 25th October, 2023.

Round is a Bray I (30 arrows at 40cm face at a distance of 20 yards).

Leagues for Recurve, Compound, Longbow and Barebow.

Archers competing in these leagues can only shoot for 1 Club.

An archer may shoot in all 4 disciplines for their chosen club.

Teams for Recurve and Compound are 3 archers and 2 Archers for the Longbow and Barebow Teams. Clubs/Archers must be affiliated to

Cheshire archery Association.

A bonus point is awarded, to the Club with the hihest scoring Bray Iin each division, in each league in each match round. 1 point to each

club but if there are 1 or more scores that equalling Scoring the highest in that Division in a Match round then 1 Point will be awarded to

each Club.

See Rules page for full details.

Updated 04-Oct-2023

Welcome to the 2023/2024 Cheshire Winter Leagues