Updated 29-Apr-2022
Welcome to the 2021/2022 Cheshire Winter Leagues
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Cheshire Winter Leagues Rules for 2021/2022
1. Round to be Shot a. Bray I (i.e. 30 arrows at 20 yards at a 40cm FITA Face) under GNAS Rules. b. The Bray I Round is an Indoor Round, but it may be shot Outdoors
2. Club League Secretaries a. Clubs must appoint a League Secretary whose familiar with using Email and the Internet. b. Each Club’s League Secretary duties will include:- 1. to register all the their club's teams, ensuring the correct payment is paid to the CAA Bank Account by Bank Tranfer. Details of payment will be sent to each Club League Secretary shortly after Teams are registered. 2 . to gather together their Club's scores, work out their Club’s Teams and submit them correctly each month not later than the end of the 3 rd day of the following month . 3 . to communicate back to their Club, the League's Divisions, Fixtures, Results and Latest League Tables. This can done by encouraging their members to use the Cheshire Archery Association’s Website www.cheshirearcheryassoc.org and following the link to the Leagues Website by clicking on the Cheshire Leagues Button and/or printing off the Divisions, Fixtures, Results and the Latest League Tables for posting on their club’s Notice Boards/Websites. 4. Distribute any Medals won by their Club’s Teams sent to them by the League Organiser.
3. Bow Disciplines definitions in the Leagues – as described in the ArcherGB/GNAS Rules of Shooting - April 2014 Recurve - Rule 202 Compound - Rules 207 & 208 Longbow - Rules 206 Recurve Barebow - Rule 204
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4. Registration of Teams in the League a . Club’s League Secretaries must submit their Clubs Teams with Bow Type (Compound, Longbow, Recurve or Recurve Barebow) and Estimated Team Score (if a new team for this coming season). This Estimated Team score or the aggregate team score from the last Season is going to be used to decide which Division a team competes in so please to be fair to other Club's do not under estimate your team's score. b . Club’s must register their interest and each team’s details via the website (‘Register a Team’). Once the League Organiser receives the Registration, he will confirm your details via Email and also supply the Name and Postal Address to send the Entry Fees for the teams that have been register to. Once the correct fees have been received each Club League Secretary will be confirmed by Email and also be allocated a Userid & password to allow them access to the Submit A Team Score page. c . Registration of teams (this includes sending of any payment Entry Fees to the League Organiser) must be completed by no later than 25th October 2021 in order for the Divisions and Fixtures to be calculated. Once these have been calculated they will be posted on the Website as well as a copy being sent to each Club’s League Secretary ready for the 1 st November, the start of the matches.
5. Team Make up a. The estimate Team score or the aggregate Team score from last season's score will be Separate Divisions for Compound, Longbow, Recurve and Recurve Barebow. b. There is no limit on how many teams a Club can enter into each of the Leagues. However, there could be a restriction depending on how many teams register and how many Divisions can be formed from the teams registered. Final Decision will lie with the League Organiser. c. Team Sizes: For Compound and Recurve Teams - 3 Archers per Team and for Recurve Barebow and Longbow - 2 Archers per Team. d. Teams are made up of each club’s top scoring rounds – If more than one team is entered from a Club for a Bow type then the Team is made up of the top 3 scores for Recurve and Compound) and top 2 Scores for Recurve Barebow and Longbow for that month and the B team is made up of the 4 th , 5 th and 6 th top scores (Recurve and Compound) and 3rd and 4th for Recurve Barebow and Longbow Teams for that month and so on. e. Archers can shoot as many rounds as they like each month, submitting only their top scoring round to their Club’s League Secretary for assessment. f. An Archer may shoot in one or more of the Leagues, but can only represent their club once each month in each of these leagues. g. An Archer can only shoot for one Club in these Leagues.
7. Payment a. Entry Fee for each Team is £5.00. b. Payment for each team registered to compete in the league must be received by the Organiser by no later than 25th October, 2021. c. Payment of Entry Fees is be made by Bank Transfers to the CAA Bank Account. Payment details will provided to each Club League Secretary at the time of confirmation of Teams. 8. Awards d. Medals will be awarded to the top team in each of the divisions in each of the leagues - A Medal for every Archer who has shot for the winning Team over the 5 months the league has been operating. e. Medals will be presented or posted to the Winning Club League Secretaries during May 2022. Further details 9. General f. All communications is via Email or via phone(Text and Voice). g. The League Organiser has the final decision with matters concerning these Leagues.
6. Matches a. 5 Monthly matches starting in November, ending in March the following year. b. Points will be awarded as follows: WIN - 3 points DRAW - 2 points LOSS - 1 point. c. If a Team fails to submit a Team score then please Submit a Team Score of NIL with 'DID NOT SHOOT' as the first Archer Name as this useful for the Organiser to know. d. To gain any points a team score must have at least one score in a team. e. All scores MUST to be submitted online via website. The County League Organiser will confirm receiving each Clubs teams score. That way we can practically eliminate invalid submissions. f. An extra Point will be awarded each month in each division for the highest individual score in that month. g. At the end of the season (after the March Matches) a team has managed to win all their 5 matches then 4 extra Bonus Points are awarded to that team to ensure that they win their respective Division. h. Scores from clubs for each month’s matches must be submitted no later than the end of 3 rd day of the following month and it is each Club’s League Secretary responsibility to ensure the County League Organiser has received these scores. NOTE: failure to do so will lead to your club forfeiting those matches. i. The League Organiser will not chase the scores up with the Club's League Secretaries as in the past - this due to several Secretaries unfortunately, in the last couple seasons, not submitting on time and causing considerable delay in calculating and then publishing of the results each month the league is operating. j. Where a Team's fixture is set as a BYE they must shoot and submit a Team Score to gain the maximum points. k. At the end of season, after the March Matches, 4 Bonus points will be awarded to the team winning ALL of their 5 monthly matches , should it be necessary, to ensure they finish in 1st place in their Division.