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Cheshire Summer and Winter Leagues are run for benefit of the Clubs and their members affiliated to Cheshire Archery Association. The Cheshire Winter Leagues were restart back in 2004 as part of the Association’s 50th Anniversary celebrations. The are shot over the Winter Months of November through to March with 1 match a month. It has been some 20 years since the Cheshire Leagues were run so it was thought an appropriate time to re-start them using the Bray I Round for the matches. It is shot primarily Indoors but the rules for the new leagues were made as flexible as possible to allow Club’s that have either no Indoor facilities to shoot in or have limited time to shoot their matches. THey hve been run every year since 2004 until, of course, 2020 when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit everyone and Indoor Shooting was immediately stopped in March 2020 due the National Lockdown that came into force. The 2019/2020 Cheshire Winter Leagues had to be curtail immediately with 5th and what would have been the final round of 2019/2020 Leagues. It was decided to use the 4th Round, shot in February, as the Final Round allowing winners to be declared and Winners Medals to be sent to the Winning Clubs once the Lockdowns has been eased allowing the organiser to order the Medals and post them to Clubs. In May 2021, the Social Distancing Measures has were eased enough to allow Outdoor Shooting to start again, although the 2m Social Distance was still in force to help protedt the population. To help Clubs get their members back to shooting the Cheshire Summer Leagues were started, shooting Outdoors, of course. However, instead of shooting BRAY I Round it was decided to shoot the Frostbite Round. A short Round both in the number of rounds but also in distance that the vast majoity of Archers could shoot.
The Cheshire Winter Leagues is set to return to Indoor Shooting and shooting the BRAY I Round for the 2021/2020 Indoor Season Click on the Image below to go to the Cheshire Winter Leagues Website - currently set to receive Team Registration ready for the Leagues to begin in November.
The Cheshire Summer Leagues are currently in the 5th and Final round. Click on the Image below to go to the Cheshire Summer Leagues Website.